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Why should we use cryptocurrencies ? The worlds most flexible cryptocurrency token ?What is REX?

To learn more about Why should we use cryptocurrencies, und Cryptocurrency Investment Innovation inspired by the REX protocol , you must investigate for yourself over at:

If you want to find out more about cryptocurrencies this video is presenting “Why should we use cryptocurrencies” topic information but we also try to cover the subjects:
-The worlds most flexible cryptocurrency token
-Is Crypto Investing a Good Idea
-crypto horror stories

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00:00 The reason for using cryptocurrencies is simple:

Unrivaled potential to improve critical aspects of traditional finance. With cryptocurrencies, people are, in effect, their own bankers. No need for custodians or middlemen. Built in trust. Highly efficient frictionless cross border transfers. Financial privacy. Protection of vulnerable people’s savings. Inherently limited supply safeguards against economically corrosive inflationary policies.

00:32 The vision of cryptocurrencies?

An economically empowered society.

But the fact is today the cryptocurrency market is mostly used by insiders and experts, financial institutions and speculators.

00:46 So what is REX?

REX is a community that strives to make the vision of cryptocurrencies come true. Originally, a team of just two people who decided to take action, we have since grown to hundreds of active contributors from all over the world. Programmers, designers, writers, as well as analysts, advisors, and lawyers. Today, around 150 people are actively developing, expanding, and promoting the vision and the Rex ecosystem, united in their beliefs and dedication.

In total, Rex currently has more than 10,000 people involved, including investors and entrepreneurs offering products and services around Rex.

1:30 How will Rex achieve its vision?

Rex is democratizing finance by utilizing blockchain technology, eliminating custodians and middlemen, and creating a fully decentralized financial ecosystem

that is cheaper, faster, and much more efficient than the traditional trust system with banks and institutions.

Rex is permission less and inclusive by design. Furthermore, Rex is providing educational programs so that everybody may understand and use the technology. Rex is creating a fair and accessible payment and investment eco-system with equal rights for its users, as intuitively usable and secure as possible. All engineering, developing, designing and programming

is based on the principles of sustainability, safety, and approachability.

Find out more on the website.


REX is both a cryptocurrency and a high-yield Certificate of Deposit.

As a cryptocurrency, REX is designed for the storage and transmission of values.
In contrast to common coins or tokens, however, REX has an integrated deposit function.
By depositing REX tokens for a certain period of time – also called staking – interest is generated.

Compared to a Certificate of Deposit in traditional finance, REX offers immense flexibility and a far higher rate of return than anything the bank has to offer.
In addition, REX offers all the advantages of a blockchain-secured, decentralized and permissionless currency.

Being a cryptocurrency also means that REX behaves like any other cryptocurrency.
The price varies as people trade them, just like bitcoin.
Therefore, REX was designed in such a way to achieve the highest possible price stability.

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