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Cryptocurrencies shaken by the FTX drama… | MarketTalk: What’s up today? | Swissquote

US stocks gained, the US yields and the dollar slid on the expectation that a divided landscape from the US midterms would support stocks, and soften the dollar.

From an investor point of view, a Republican win in both chambers is a good outcome for the stocks. And even a divided government, which we will sure get, is better for the stocks than a Democrat win.

In cryptocurrencies, there is a drama going on between Binance and FTX, which are two big cryptocurrency exchanges, and that’s causing a renewed trouble across the crypto sector.

Bitcoin fell 10%, below the $20K mark, Ethereum fell near 15%, although the October support hasn’t been damaged yet, and more volatile and more speculation-sensitive tokens fell even sharper. Dogecoin for example lost 20%.

What will happen from here?

Watch the full episode to find out more!

0:00 Intro
0:32 US midterm elections: Republicans gain field in Senate & House
1:37 FTX drama shakes cryptocurrencies
4:24 US dollar softens on Republican progress
6:34 Oil declines after soft API report
7:17 Why Republicans are good for stocks, but not all stocks
8:58 Earnings update

Ipek Ozkardeskaya has begun her financial career in 2010 in the structured products desk of the Swiss Banque Cantonale Vaudoise. She worked at HSBC Private Bank in Geneva in relation to high and ultra-high net worth clients. In 2012, she started as FX Strategist at Swissquote Bank. She worked as a Senior Market Analyst in London Capital Group in London and in Shanghai. She returned to Swissquote Bank as Senior Analyst in 2020.

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