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Why Are Cryptocurrencies So Volatile | What Causes Cryptocurrency Volatility

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So, what Causes Cryptocurrency Volatility? Cryptocurrency volatility can be attributed to many factors. First, cryptocurrency is a relatively new concept. This means that the supply of the coins will fluctuate as more people buy them. At the same time, the mining process will continue to create new coins. This combination will create a rise in the price of cryptocurrency.

Second, cryptocurrency is volatile because of its decentralization and lack of regulation. This makes it more volatile than other forms of investment. Also, the volatility of a cryptocurrency is largely influenced by news coverage and government regulations. In other words, social media and news coverage can have a huge effect on its price.

While there are plenty of investors who are already investing in cryptocurrencies, price volatility is preventing many new investors from jumping on board. They’re hesitant to invest because they fear the risk of losing their assets in a flash crash. Meanwhile, many potential users are waiting for cryptocurrency to be more widely accepted as a payment method. When this happens, the volatility will be less of a deterrent and the market will become more widespread.

Another factor contributing to cryptocurrency volatility is speculation. Because cryptocurrencies are still relatively new, they can experience huge price swings as people rush to buy and sell them. This unpredictability can either benefit or hurt investors.

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