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A Macroeconomics Perspective on Cryptocurrencies with Matthew Ranger and Stephen Diehl

In this episode of our Making Sense of #Crypto and #Web3 series, Stephen Diehl is joined by economist and data scientist, Matthew Ranger, in a discussion on crypto assets from an economics perspective.

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0:00 – Introduction
02:18 – Mainstream economists on crypto assets
03:50 – Can crypto assets function as money?
12:38 – Can the volatility of Bitcoin subside?
15:08 – Comparing Bitcoin and the gold standard
18:58 – What happened in 1971?
28:41 – Austrian Economics
33:54 – The problems with private money
36:47 – What sort of financial assets are crypto assets?
42:17 – What makes Bitcoin a negative sum product?
44:15 – Do crypto-investments have any income?
45:58 – Can crypto assets be used as a hedge against inflation?
48:20 – Why would I add one of these assets to my portfolio?
50:35 – What are the risks associated with investing in crypto assets?
55:23 – How systemic is market manipulation within these markets?

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