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The Government Wants to Regulate Cryptocurrencies like Commodities

A new bill has just been proposed that could classify crypto currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, as commodities instad of securities — completely removing the regulatory authority of the SEC from overseeing crypto currencies, and instead, the CFTC will be in charge of regulations since they’re the ones who oversee commodities.

Today we’re going to find out wether or not this will matter for you, and if this is a ‘good’ move for this regulatory change, or not.

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0:00 Video Overview
0:38 Intro
0:40 Invest In Crypto Using Your IRA
2:16 Cryptocurrencies To Be Classified As Commodities
3:15 Securities vs Commodities
5:56 Bitcoin Is Not a Commodity Nor a Security
9:39 The Rules Are Always Changing
13:03 $100 Worth of Bitcoin FREE
13:09 Outro

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