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Course Description

Many individuals, including CPAs and blockchain users, are unaware that cryptocurrency transactions can result in tax consequences, including tax liabilities. This course will teach you everything you need to know about reporting and filing taxes for cryptocurrencies, a new type of digital asset that is becoming more popular everyday.

There has been a 300% increase in jobs related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies since 2017 and the global blockchain market size is expected to grow to $60.7 billion by 2024. 90% of American and European banks are now exploring blockchain technology, and international businesses such as IBM, Facebook, Amazon, Walmart, Google, and Goldman Sachs are all investing in cryptocurrency. In 2014, the government began drafting regulations and publishing guidance to address the taxation of this new and unique digital asset.

In order to handle your clients’ cryptocurrency-related needs, you need to be familiar with the technology, its applications, and the terminology around it; understand existing and upcoming tax policies for cryptocurrency; and be aware of the methods and forms utilized by crypto-proficient CPAs. This course will cover all these topics. Whether you’re familiar with cryptocurrency or completely new to the world of blockchain, this course will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently serve your clients.


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