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Ultimate Cryptocurrency Guide

Hello, my name is Micah, and I will be your instructor for this guide. I have been investing in cryptocurrency and NFTs for the past 6-8 months, and have learned a-lot. It has been a tough road of confusion and at points felt way more complicated than it should have been. My goal is to get rid of that complicated aspect of learning for you through what I have built for you. This guide is intended to teach beginners about cryptocurrency. In the guide I will teach you, what cryptocurrency is, what the different types of crypto are, where you can buy cryptocurrency, and how you can get started right away. To make this as fluid and accomplishable as possible for you, this has been structured with three main resources:

– Section Videos

– Section Articles

– Section Quiz

Each section will cover a new topic starting with the video, and the information will be reinforced in a easy to learn way with an article and multiple choice quiz. There has been a-lot of growth and innovation in the crypto market, though it can feel like rocket science when someone tries to teach you about it. So this guide is short and sweet but teaches you everything you need to know to get started with cryptocurrency!


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