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Price Action Trading (Crypto Currencies)

Although many traders insist on trading by using indicators, the other group doesn’t like the indicators and according to their belief, it is easier to concentrate on the trading using the lines of support and resistance and simply use price action trading strategies for their trades.

As well as this, they believe that the computers and programs banks and institutions use are programed by instruction of price action trading. They also think that high frequency trading made by them are based on price action strategies. So, it is a popular way of trading for many traders and even banks to use price action strategies.

As it is explained in the beginning of the course price action strategies have been the base of trading, even for those who do not believe in price action simplicities. For instance, a trader who use an indicator for his or her trading cares about the lines of support and resistance as well as supply and demand zones.

At the same time, we can see too many traders who finally use price action who have used other strategies before and they have not been able to make profit. They think the signals are given by indicators after a long time.

This course is going to be about the latest information which successful traders use in their trading these days in all around the world, and I tried to explain the issue which are not normally explained in other courses.

I hope you enjoy the course, since I have done my best to teach you everything you need to trade in Crypto Currencies markets.


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