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List of Halal and Haram Cryptocurrencies | Complete Guide to Halal Crypto | Halal & Haram Crypto

List of Halal and Haram Cryptocurrencies | Complete Guide to Halal Crypto | Halal & Haram Crypto

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Investing in crypto – halal or haram?
Is crypto investing halal?
Many people do not look at crypto as currencies. Instead, they are interested in investing for the long term in certain crypto projects for the technology and use case of that particular project.

Our view is that investing in crypto is halal as long as the project itself is halal.

There is some nuance when it comes to analysing which cryptos are halal and the different opinions that are held. You can check out a more detailed article here on the permissibility of crypto. We also have an article covering the differing views of the permissibility of crypto.

We have also compiled a table of the major coins, including altcoins, and whether or not they are halal which you can find at the bottom of the page.

How much should you invest in crypto?
Whenever you invest, you should ask yourself about the risk levels associated with that investment. Crypto sits in the high risk column of investments.

Is crypto trading halal?
Unlike investing, trading involves the short-term buying and selling of crypto. As long as you are taking ownership of the digital asset itself, short-term trading is perfectly halal.

Pls Go Check the Full Article by Islam Fiance Guru –

The main features of Islamic finance that need to be considered when it comes to bitcoin are:
Interest (riba) – interest is prohibited in Islam
Speculation (maysir) – speculative investment is deemed to be akin to gambling and is not permissible
Profit-loss sharing – parties to a transaction must share the risks and rewards according to Islamic finance
No excessive risk (gharar) – Islamic finance dictates that transactions that are uncertain or carry excessive risk are not permissible.
Application of trade and commerce (al bai’)
Examining the Islamic finance principles mentioned above, it is clear that there is room for digital assets within an Islamic finance portfolio. Bitcoin does not have an interest element, nor does it provide one party with excessive profits or losses, or excessive risk.

As the world of cryptocurrencies continues to evolve, so does the demand for Sharia compliant coins.

Read this full article on sharia interpretation –,contain%20any%20form%20of%20interest.

List of Halal and Haram Cryptocurrencies | Complete Guide to Halal Crypto | Halal & Haram Crypto



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