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Crypto Investing for Beginners : How to Earn Passive Income

Do you want a quick course that teaches you the entire crypto investing process?

This crypto investing course is full of great information on buying nfts, buying coins, selling coins, building a crypto portfolio, holding crypto assets and more! 

We have created this crypto investing course so you can earn passive income while you sleep! In this course we will give you information you need to begin your crypto investing journey!

What will you learn?

  • Learn how to purchase cryptocurrencies and NFTS

  • Learn how to set up a crypto wallet

  • Learn how to research crypto projects on your own

  • Learn how to buy BTC, ETH, ADA and other top crypto coins!

  • Learn how to set up a phone wallet

  • Learn how to set up an exchange wallet

  • Learn how to sell cryptos

  • Learn how to trade and swap coins

  • Learn how to build a custom crypto portfolio!

  • Learn how to navigate cryptomarketcap

Course Section Overview:

  1. GETTING STARTED – Let’s Begin

  2. UNDERSTANDING THE INVESTMENT GAME – You will learn the fundamentals of Investing

  3. SETTING UP CRYPTO WALLETS – In this sections of the course you will learn how to set up crypto wallets!

  4. RESEARCHING CRYPTO PROJECTS – In this sections you will learn how to properly research different crypto projects.

  5. BUYING CRYPTO ASSETS – You will now learn how to buy crypto assets using several different methods.

  6. STAKING CRYPTO – In this sections of the course we will now go over crypto staking!

  7. CRYPTO LENDING / YIELD FARMING – (DEFI) – We will now get into Crypto Lending and Yield Farming.

  8. NFT’s – It is now time to get into NFT’s also known as Non Fungible tokens!

  9. CONCLUSION – We will conclude the course and you can begin to build your portfolio!

Who Teaches This Course:

The Crypto Investing for Beginners : How to Earn Passive Income is a collaboration between Mitchell Bouchard of Red Cape Learning and Will Rogers of Arcadia. Both Mitch and Will have gained a lot of knowledge and experience with blockchain technology and investing.

We are thrilled to help you start your investing journey! We understand what it’s like to start putting your hard earned dollars to work and we appreciate your willingness to take a shot at crypto investing! We are excited to help you build your own crypto portfolios!

More Course Details:

The Crypto Investing for beginners course also includes a custom workbook that will help guide you thru the course!


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