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Understanding Cryptocurrency | Fund Your Retirement

The Understanding Cryptocurrency course is Accredited by the CPD Standards Office in the UK. This course will give you all the knowledge and information to correctly get within the cryptocurrency market. We will also help you keep your cryptocurrencies safe using a hardware wallet. We will also help you understand the difference between bull and bear markets, enabling you to time your entries and exits in the market much better.

From the humble beginnings of Facebook in 2017

Created in Mid-2017, a lot has changed on the Facebook platform through Facebook as a Group, known as The Crypto Mob. Created originally by Ash Davidson having discovered sharing content about Cryptocurrency on Facebook had touched a tune with people’s growing interest in digital assets.

During 2017 and into early 2018, cryptocurrency started to take off, the demand was increasing and so was the requirement to understand correctly how to manage the world of cryptocurrency.

In Mid-2018 Ash & Lee decided to partner up and create an education platform, now known as Learning Crypto Ltd, which has aspirations to become the leading education provider in the United Kingdom and across the world.

Route To Accreditation

Having started in 2018 as Learning Crypto Ltd, the week we launched our platform Bitcoin went from $6,000 to $3,000 levels, so we picked a great time to go live, teaching people how to handle investments and portfolios through extreme bear conditions.

In 2019 we did a launch meet up in London, to outline our future plans. We also attended DLTCON in September of 2019 allowing us to speak on stage at their event to drive home the importance of education in the space, and most importantly the right education with the right support network to help people succeed.

2020 has seen the company go from strength to strength with the updated material and most importantly Learning Crypto LTD has recently achieved accredited CPD Status with the CPD Standards Office.

The team at Learning Crypto LTD are looking to go from strength to strength in years to come in becoming the leading place for cryptocurrency education. In 2021 we have just released our own social platform for our paid community members, making the learning experience for members even better.

You can purchase a bigger version of this course on our main official website. Which has an extra 17 videos.


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