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Try out RUNFLIP – the game where you can double your bet by competing with other players
The rules are simple: you make your bet with an appropriate token and then watch two runners compete. If you runner wins, you get your bet doubled, which means, that the token returns on your account, and the same amount of money directly on your balance. 
There are two ways to play RUNFLIP: joining an existing game or creating your own. 
To join a game created by another player, you will need to buy an appropriate token. For example, if you want to join a game with a 0.007 ETH bet (currently $ 21.06), you have to buy a 0.007 ETH token as well. Then choose a token, press Join and watch the runners compete. 
To create your own game, choose your bet and then click Create button. You can also choose your runner to be blue or green (the color does not affect chances, so just use a color you like more or consider your lucky one). You may have to wait for a bit until another player joins your game, and then you will get the result. 
Flipping a coin is one of the most ancient ways to decide a winner: simple but thrilling, especially if the stakes are high. RUNFLIP is similar in its core, but with better visualization: watch the runners compete, to find out, who will get the bank, you or your opponent. 
Choose the bet size you like, create your game or join an existing one to try your luck and multiply your money! 
Register now and get a promocode TCRX-POMV-MVCF for $ 50 on your account to buy tokens and explore the game!

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