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How to “NOT” trade in cryptocurrencies | Chapter II – The Ban | Crypto Bazaar : Bet of a Lifetime

Crypto Bazaar : “ Bet of a lifetime” is a 5 Part series based on adventures of Dinesh Tanwar in cryptocurrency world. The series has 5 chapters and encapsulates the cryptocurrency trading & market in India.

Based on : Life of Dinesh Tanwar
Made by : Dinesh Tanwar
Audio mix & mastered by ; Rajat Bhola
Music :

Chapter II : The Ban
Shows the after effects of Reserve Bank Of India’s crypto ban on exchanges and investors and how I lost the money I made and went into debt…

Through all the ups and downs in Indian cryptocurrency market along with the life of Dinesh Tanwar; who began investing in 2017 and went through a roller coaster ride along the market; making losing money.

The series depicts the journey of a person who sees all and been all. The series has cash, bitcoin, dreams, hopes, betting, greed, life changing events.

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