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Russia Ukraine War impact on CRYPTOCURRENCIES | Abhishek Kar

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Russia-Ukraine conflict: How cryptocurrency is shaping the war?Bitcoin prices push close to $45,000 as Russia-Ukraine war escalates,is that a good sign?What Russia And Putin Actually Want With Ukraine?

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Abhishek Kar is an investor cum trader with a decade’s experience in the stock market. He is a TedX speaker and has been a keynote speaker at various university events. With this channel he tries to educate retail about stock markets,derivatives and also helps beginners to learn various concepts of finance ranging from fundamental analysis,options trading,futures trading to technical analysis and even live trading.

Disclaimer : All the videos made on this channel are for educational purpose. Investing and trading in stock markets is a risky business,hence please do your own research or consult your financial advisor before investing .Abhishek Kar doesnt give any tips or calls,simply expresses views for educational purpose.


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