Crypto Hacks 

A simple introduction to the world of cryptocurrency

In this course we will go over a few basic concepts in the world of cryptocurrency that will empower our learners to feel more confident and knowledgeable as they enter into the space. There is a lot of information out there surrounding “cryptocurrency”  but in this course we will block out the FUD and focus on simplifying what is actually happening in the world in order to help others revolutionize their businesses and plans for the future. The Fourth Industrial is happening right before our eyes and the sooner you get involved with helping to build the future, the better the future will be for us all.

By the end of this course you will be able to answer and understand:

  1. What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution ?

  2. What is Blockchain ?

  3. How to invest in the future

  4. How to get started

+some tips to help you protect yourself and your assets and how to strategize and track investments

My goal is to ensure you walk away understanding how to do your own diligent research before investing and also that you are excited about the future and ready to share the news with your friends, families and anyone else who will listen so we can all continue to build and change lives.


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