Crypto Hacks 

The Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Cryptocurrency investing has taken the country by storm in recent months. With unprecedented volatility and security problems, crypto is both loved and hated. The underlying Blockchain Technology has proven use-cases, but many still see cryptocurrencies as an asset class to invest in. Blockchain technology is about to disrupt multiple industries, and we need to upskill ourselves with these newly invented concepts – both from a career perspective and investing perspective. In this course, we shall discuss technical and fundamental aspects of the Blockchain & Crypto Industry. From a security point of view, cryptos give massive anonymity to perform illicit transactions – Is the crypto that you are using tainted? As all transactions are publicly listed in an open ledger database, how do we differentiate between clean crypto and dirty crypto? How to ensure that the Bitcoin you are buying was not stolen in the first place, or worse, was not part of a money-laundering activity? To answer many of these questions, Blockchain Analytics is an up-and-coming field, and in this course, we shall discuss various nuances of this new-age industry.

Topics Covered:

  • What is Cryptocurrency?

  • Understanding Bitcoin, its Origin & its Application

  • Understanding the types of Digital Assets & its Application

  • Adoption & Growth of Cryptocurrency

  • Fiat-to-Crypto On-Ramp & Off-Ramp Methodologies

  • Laws, Rules and Regulations governing Cryptocurrency

  • Stages in Evolution & Evolution in Global Reserve Currencies

  • What is Cryptocurrency Mining? – PoW vs PoS

  • Stablecoins, CBDCs, NFTs, De-Fi Protocols

  • Which Exchange to Use?

  • Which Wallet to Choose?

  • Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in?

  • Trading Strategies – Qualitative & Quantitative

  • Blockchain Analytics

  • Crypto Adoption by Financial Institutions & Financial Intelligence

  • Cryptocurrency Tracing

  • Programmatic Money Laundering

  • Crypto Hash Function, Private Key, Public Key

  • Digital Signatures, Protocol, Nodes

  • Why Decentralization Matters?

  • Fork, Hash Rate, Tokenomics

  • What are Ethereum & Smart Contracts?

  • Layer 2 Networks, Sharding, dApps, DAOs

  • What are Zero Knowledge Roll-ups and Optimistic Roll-ups?

  • Encryption, Multi-Sig Wallets, Programmable Money

  • Why Crypto will Transform Fiat?


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