Crypto Hacks 

Making passive income with cryptocurrency to maximize profit

This course is taught by Dr. Michael Pin-Chuan Lin. Dr. Lin completed his Ph.D. in Educational Technology and Learning Design from Simon Fraser University. He holds an MBA and BBA in Information Management from Taiwan. He is the owner of Forward Thinking Powerhouse , which is an online learning service in Canada. He is a geek and an expert in evidence-based and data-driven educational practitioner.

Disclaimer: Dr. Michael Pin-Chuan Lin is not a financial advisor. This course is for educational purposes and financial opinions…maybe a small portion of entertainment…you might find it during the lectures. EVERYTHING YOU DO IS ALL YOU. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF THE DECISIONS YOU MAKE. Please do your own research (DYOR) before jumping into any financial activities.

Have you bought or hodl crypto? Do you still leave your crypto on an exchange by not earning anything? Do you know you can earn passive income with crypto? Are you still putting all your fiat money in your bank’s saving account to make that tiny 0.01-0.05% interest? Do you know the interest rates offered in crypto are much higher than in banks? One can easily earn at least 5%+ passive income by doing minimum works with crypto. Do you know your hard-working fiat money is depreciating EVERY SINGLE day because of the dirty money printing and inflation? Due to the seriousness of inflation, it is better to put your fiat money somewhere that could beat inflation. However, the saving account in your bank could only offer 0.01-0.1% or sometimes 1-2% with a promotion in a fixed period. When the inflation is 6%+, leaving your hard-earned money in the bank does not make sense.

This course exposes students to the basics of cryptocurrencies. It teaches students how to make passive income with cryptocurrencies and explores the benefits and risks of such methods. It also educates students on researching tools to earn passive income in the crypto world. Finally, it teaches a cost-effective way to buy crypto that directly saves more money over time.

Who is this course for:

Basically, everyone who is open-minded can take this course! But we suggest that you should have some basic understanding of cryptocurrencies.

You want to earn passive income using cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and stablecoins.

You want to maximize your gains by minimizing exchange fees.


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