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What's a Blockchain? Bitcoin & Ethereum Technology Explained

You may have a vague idea about Bitcoin and Ethereum, but don’t REALLY know what they do. Or you might have some knowledge about the technology, but want one quick and easy place to learn it in more detail.

Why this course

This course is a one-stop shop to quickly get you up to speed with blockchain technology, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. You’ll get a solid technical foundation – complete with diagrams and walking through examples – without spending hours and hours of your time so you can get to where you want to be quickly.

  • If you’re on a blockchain learning track, you will be prepared to take more advanced courses.

  • If you’re in a career or considering a future career in this space, you’ll have a solid foundation to work from

  • If you’re an investor, you can now make more informed crypto investments

What we’ll cover

  1. Blockchains

  2. Cryptography

  3. Bitcoin

  4. Ethereum

We’ll start off understanding the core fundamental: Blockchains. We’ll take a look at what they are, how they work, and key qualities about them and what terms like “decentralized” and “distributed” mean, and how blockchains are secured.

Next, we’ll get a quick understanding of cryptography, because there would be no cryptocurrencies without it. We’ll take a look at hash functions and digital signatures, two important concepts that blockchains use.

Then we will get right into Bitcoin. This includes what Bitcoin is, a brief timeline and history, and why Bitcoin was a success where other cryptocurrencies before it failed. We’ll also talk about Bitcoin wallets, how they work and what security concerns to be aware of. We’ll go onto discuss Bitcoin transactions, mining, and fees.

Finally we’ll take a look at Ethereum – what it is, how it works, and what dapps and smart contracts are. You’ll get an idea of what’s the same and what’s different between Bitcoin and Ethereum as we wrap up.

A quick note: although it’s ideal to cover these sections in order since these topics naturally expand off the previous one, I’ve designed this course to be modular enough so you can watch them as standalone sections as well.


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