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“A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrencies” with Mark Sham

On the evening of Thursday, 3 Feb, Mark Sham presented a talk called “A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrencies” at a Suits & Sneakers event, and this is the recording of that event!

Please be advised that the views discussed in this talk are Mark’s alone and he is not intending to offer anyone financial advice. Instead, he is simply sharing his own perspectives on how he thinks crypto might change the world.

Mark’s goal is to give you a simple explanation of why he believe crypto has the ability to advance more than just the world of finance. Everything from healthcare and real estate, to video and education, are within its reach.

To be clear, Mark is not saying I’m an expert. If anything, his angle here is that he wants to educate other people who are curious about the world of crypto, but maybe just haven’t taken the leap yet. Consider Mark a crypto amateur that wants to simplify the topic for other beginners.

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