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The Complete Guide to Cryptocurrency Mining

Crypto Pit Pty Ltd is a company that has been operating in the crypto market since 2017. We have provided support to the Australian crypto mining market by way of sales and services. We have gathered a wealth of knowledge though trial and error and making our own mistakes, so we can guide newcomers and save them making the same mistakes we did. Avoid costly errors when you first start mining.

In this course you will learn the basics of cryptocurrency, which is fundamental to understanding cryptocurrency mining. The topics include an introduction to Bitcoin, the Blockchain and Ethereum. We also cover how cryptocurrencies are created.

After you have a sound understanding of the basic cryptocurrency concepts, we will go a bit deeper into the cryptocurrency mining topics touched on already. We will learn about different types of mining rigs, different types of mining rig software and how to manage it all.

After covering these topics you should be confident enough to decide what type of mining rig you want and how to manage it on a day to day basis. Even if you aren’t comfortable building a mining rig you will be able to set up and manage a pre-built rig and ensure your rig runs efficiently and have the confidence to switch to the most profitable coin as the market changes.


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