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Stock market and crypto currencys working in detail

This course is designed to clear all the doubts one can have regarding the functioning of stock market. This course is a detailed analysis of the functioning of stock market and various components of trading involved. This course will take you from a starting of an ipo to the world of futures and options derivative markets . This course will also teach you about the functioning of crypto currencys. I have put years of my experience and learning into this course to make it easily understandable and simplified the complex working of the system. This course will include


Stock movements

Long term investment

Short term investment

Option trading

Futures trading

Mutual funds

Crypto currencys

Where to invest

This course has been designed to give a deep sense of direction to the people who are willing to enter in the stock market world the risks involved and how one can lose all the money he invested without knowledge . This course will make you self reliable for your investment and add value to your investing journey. In these chapters i have also discussed how the crypto currency market operates and risks involved . Many examples from real life have been used to simply the complex terms sl that people can have a deeper and better knowledge about their investments


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