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AML for Virtual Currencies Cryptocurrencies & Digital Assets

Virtual currencies, especially cryptocurrencies, virtual assets and crypto assets are the hottest discussed topic in anti-money laundering at the moment. Regulators and governments are in the process of determining how to regulate these digital currencies and assets, such as Bitcoin, which are becoming more popular as users become more familiar with them and purchasing them is becoming simpler and easier than ever.

Stay up to date on the newest trends in order to prepare and adapt your anti-money laundering efforts to virtual currencies and assets. Do not miss out on the opportunities provided by this new and emerging market, just because your compliance processes cannot keep up. We can help you stay compliant.

This course requires you to have a basic understanding of how virtual currencies work as well as basic AML knowledge.

You can obtain this knowledge in our “Introduction to virtual currencies in an AML context” as well as our AML Essentials course which you can find on our website.

What you’ll learn

  • Legitimate uses & potential risks of virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies & digital assets

  • Law enforcement & recent cases of money laundering using virtual currencies

  • AML for virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies & digital assets

Intended Audience

  • Entry-level AML compliance professionals

  • Mid-level AML compliance professionals

  • Individuals looking to start a career in AML compliance, with focus on virtual currencies & assets

  • Individuals looking to boost their career & knowledge in AML compliance

  • Business owners of businesses which are required to comply with AML regulations and want to prepare for this new trend


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