Crypto Hacks 

Get Started with Cryptocurrency using Coinbase & NFT's

This is a Super Practical Course where you will learn step by step tutorials to actually purchase, sell, and transfer Cryptocurrency with Coinbase. We will not cover Coinbase Pro in this course. Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency based in San Francisco, USA. It recently went publish on the NASAQ stock exchange. It’s not heavy on theory about blockchain and the history of cryptocurrency. You will also learn the basics about Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) and how to buy and sell them.

What you Will Learn:

  • How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum

  • How to Buy and Sell Popular Altcoins like Cardano

  • Some popular Altcoins like XRP and where you can buy them off Coinbase

  • How to create an Ethereum Wallet outside of Coinbase using Metamask or Fortmatic

  • How to Buy and Resell NFT’s  *Non Fungible token )on the Marketplaces using Cryptocurrency

  • Learn about some interesting Altcoins with potential like Stellar Lumens and Enjin Coin

  • Get an introduction to Virtual Real Estate within the Non Fungible token ecosystem

  • An introduction to other exchanges like Crypto and Binance

  • How to Keep Track of your Cryptocurrency Balance and Assets across exchanges

You will also learn about helpful resources we like to use to keep up to date in the fast changing cryptocurrency world to help up to date on news, track prices, and also our cryptocurrency podcast for beginners.


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