Crypto Hacks 

Intro to Cryptocurrency Forensics & Investigation

Interested in cryptocurrency, but not sure where to start?  Let us help you with that!

The blockchain can be a scary place for beginners, and it goes without saying that news coverage more often highlights the disasters in cryptocurrency than its staggering progress. 

Intro to Cryptocurrency Forensics & Investigation will give you the tools you need to navigate the virtual asset economy with confidence, avoiding bad actors, scammers, and fraudsters while making sure you know exactly where your money is coming from and where its going.

Learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and how it works from the ground up, before diving into the history of cryptocurrency crime and hacks, and how we’re working in the present to eliminate illicit activity from the blockchain ecosystem.

Use our hands-on demonstrations and free access to one of the world’s most powerful cryptocurrency forensics and exploration platforms to get comfortable with the entities that inhabit the virtual asset ecosystem, and conduct effortless background checks on anyone you do business with.

Cryptocurrency just got easier.

We’ve partnered with AnChain.AI, one of the leading cryptocurrency security providers today, to offer this professional-grade instructional, including the all of these essential skills:

  • Fund Origin Tracing

  • Cryptocurrency ‘Background Checks’

  • Cryptocurrency ‘Credit Scores’

  • Utilizing cryptocurrency forensics software

  • Endpoint and Liquidation tracing

  • Entity Attribution and Wallet Geolocation

  • and much more!


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