Crypto Hacks 

Cryptocurrency for Beginners

Learn the basics on how to get started in the Cryptocurrency world today! In this course you will learn the basic fundamentals of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. You will receive knowledge of Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency, altcoins, wallets, as well as how and where to buy, sell, transfer, and store your cryptocurrency the correct way. First you will see short animated videos explaining the first half of the course when it comes to: blockchain, cryptocurrency, altcoins, and wallets. For the second half of this course I teach my audience through screen recording so you can actually get the hands on experience. I first show you the most popular exchanges there are, but you will learn through the coinbase exchange. Next I explain how to navigate through coinbase and its different functions. After exchange tutorial I show you where to purchase your ledger from to save your crypto the safest way. Once you are familiar with where to purchase your ledger I give a quick tutorial on how to navigate through ledger live as well as sending and receiving crypto from one wallet or exchange to another. Next, I show you one of the best sources to check all crypto information such as price, market cap, volume, and current charts. Last but not least I give you a bonus which shows creditable sources of people who have been in the crypto space for a while as well as some technical analysis youtubers. You will also be provided with a chart of the most popular and common phrases people use in crypto space day to day so you can be informed. I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR INVESTING IS VERY RISKY AND EVERYTHING I SAY IS SIMPLY MY OPNION.


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