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What Cryptocurrencies Am I Mining? How is SOLO Mining Going?

In this video I discuss the current cryptocurrencies I’m mining and why. I show what all my GPU mining rigs currently mining as well as my ASIC. I also give an update on how solo mining is going by showing and talking through current results.

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Video Chapters:
00:00 What Am I Mining Right Now?
00:40 What Is The First Crypto I’m Mining?
02:09 What is The Second Crypto I’m Mining?
03:41 What Is The Third Crypto I’m Mining?
03:57 How is Solo Mining Going?
05:56 What is The Fourth Crypto I’m Mining?
06:57 What Cryptocurrencies Are You Currently Mining?

Crypto Miners:
📺 BitsBeTrippin:
📺 Voskcoin:
📺 Red Panda Mining:
📺 The Hobbyist Miner:
📺 Sebs Fintech Channel:
📺 ChumpChangeXD:
📺 Hash Raptor:
📺 SerpentXSF:
📺 SavageMine:
📺 Guntis Vitolins:
📺 The Life of a Miner:
📺 Altered Component:
📺 Mining Office:

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Mining Rig Parts I Use:
▶️ 6-GPU Frame:
▶️ 8-GPU Frame:
▶️ Risers:
▶️ Risers:
▶️ PCIe Splitters:
▶️ MOBO:
▶️ CPU:
▶️ PSU:
▶️ RAM:
▶️ HDD:
▶️ Test Bench:
▶️ PDU:

Grow Tent Setup:
▶️ Old Tent:
▶️ New Tent:
▶️ Inline Fan:
▶️ Ducting:

Power Meter:
▶️ DROC AC Power Meter:
▶️ SpaceGoats DROC Power Meter Build:

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