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This is How Cryptocurrencies are Released | Everything You Need to Know About ICOs, IDOs & IEOs

In the fiat currency system, the currency is not backed by any commodity but the idea of issuing the currency is based on the trust of people in the Government which can otherwise be also termed as Centralized.

Cryptocurrencies come under the category of digital currency which is not really backed by any Government body but on the majority consensus of people in the chain itself which can also be understood as Decentralized currency.

There happens to be different ways of issuing cryptocurrencies to common people, one of them being ICOs or Initial Coin Offering. Ethereum and Binance Coins were two of the many coins which have been issued in an ICO.

Since ICO is a crowdfunding method and anyone can issue their own token and release it to the public, the chances of fraudsters creating a false whitepaper to raise funds increase.

Which is where IDOs and IEOs come into the picture. Do you wish to know what is Initial DEX Offering and Initial Exchange Offering and how are all different from one another? Don’t worry, we have covered it all in the video so make sure to watch it till the end and learn everything you need to know about how cryptocurrencies are issued to the public


0:18 – Introduction
0:29 – How Crypto Coins Are Released?
0:53 – How Fiat Currency Works?
2:54 – How Cryptocurrency Works?
4:40 – Pros & Cons of ICOs
5:38 – What areIEOs?
6:00 – What are IDOs?
6:37 – How are ICOs, IDOs and IEOs different from each other?
8:07 – Summary

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