Crypto Hacks 

Complete Course on Blockchain and Crypto Currency

If you are new to cryptocurrencies and blockchain then you may have some questions in mind such as:

  • What are bitcoin and ethereum blockchains?

  • How are blocks interlinked with each other in blockchain?

Understanding these questions might be overwhelming but this course will help you understand all the complex topics. I have divided this course into 10 different sections and you will have a very good understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency after this course.

1. Introduction to cryptocurrency

  • Introduction to Digital Signature?

  • Block and Hash Function in Blockchain?

  • What is proof of work?

2. Evolution of Web and Currency

  • Evolution of Money

  • Why Printing Money is a Bad Idea?

  • Understanding everything about Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0

  • What is a Decentralized Ledger in blockchain?

  • What is CryptoCurrency?

  • How does BlockChain Work?

  • Fiat Currency vs CryptoCurrency

3. Introduction to Blockchain

  • How to level overview of blockchain technology?

  • Types of Blockchain technology?

  • What makes Blockchain Unique?

  • Benefits of blockchain technology

  • What is Block in a Blockchain?

  • Hash and Merkle tree in a block

4. Bitcoin Mining and BlockChain technology

  • How does bitcoin use blockchain technology?

  • How does mining work in bitcoin?

  • Types of Crypto Wallets?

  • Wallet address, Public and Private key of your wallet

5. Ethereum: The NeXT Internet Protocol

  • What is Ethereum?

  • Building Tik-Tok on Ethereum

  • Etherum benefits and real use case

6. Coin Vs Token

  • Difference between Coin vs Token

  • Types of token

  • Etherum, Defi, and DApps

7. Web 3.0 with Defi and Dapps

  • What is Dapps

  • Building decentralize tik-tok

  • Civic token built on Ethereum

8. Proof of Work Vs Proof of Stake

  • Explain Proof of work like I’m 5

  • Introduction to the consensus mechanism

  • Explain Proof of Stake like I’m 5

  • Proof of Work consensus mechanism in bitcoin

  • Proof of Work consensus mechanism in Eth

  • POW Vs POS

9. How to Scale Ethereum

  • Problems with Ethereum

  • Blockchain Trilemma

  • Ethereum Scaling Solution

  • Off-Chain Scaling


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