Crypto Hacks 

Cryptocurrency Trading From Beginner To Advanced

This course is intended to take you from Zero to One Hundred in your trading career. Wheather you are interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies, about technical analysis, about long term investing and risk management, about trading in general or you want the whole package to quit your job and become a full time trader, this is the right place for you. My goal is that after this course, you are able to live full-time from cryptocurrency trading as your main source of income.

We will begin with the absolute basics that every beginner and expert alike will need to master, in order to have a strong foundation on which to build a trading career and a portfolio. We will then move on to more advanced topics like harmonic trading, risk management, margin trading, asset correlations, and advanced portfolio management and diversification.

We will cover both technical and fundamental analysis in this course. You should know how to fully research a coin from scratch including finding its utility, token economics, token emission schedule, and market cap metrics. Only then, do we turn to our price charts to look to enter into a position in the asset at a favorable price, with a favorable risk/reward ratio.


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