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Day Trading-Swing Trading-Scalping by Technical Analysis

Learn day trading online.

This is a comprehensive day trading course for beginners, newbies.

You will learn the fundamentals of Technical Analysis, Day Trading Strategy, Swing Trading Strategy, Intraday Trading and Scalping Strategy. All the strategies are based on price action. This knowledge will allow you to trade the Stock market, Forex, Indices S&P 500 Nasdaq, Cryptocurrency, Commodities as a Day trader, Scalper.

What is day trading? A day trader will speculate on the price movement and will open and close his/her position within the same day.

A day trader will profit from the short-term price movement by buying and selling shares etc…

How much money do you need to start day trading? You can start as little as $400-500. Of course with small capital, you will make small profits but at the same time, you will risk and lose a small amount of money.

How much do day traders make? This is not a simple answer…Depends on your capital, your knowledge, the market you pick, your personal trading style and your risk tolerance. The limit of earnings is your capital and your knowledge. 

✅Learn basic Technical analysis skills and start to understand the price action, trend direction.

✅Learn to manage your trades and your risk.

✅Learn where to take your profit and where to position your stop loss.

-A straight forward, practical day trading course

-The beauty of learning technical analysis skills and practices, is that you can utilise what you learn on any market and most of the timeframes.

-The course will start with the basics of technical analysis to build your confidence.

-Thanks to this knowledge, you will already start to see the markets in a different way and it will be easy to understand and implement trading strategies.

✅The complete foundation of Technical analysis in this course;

  • Utilising Bar Charts vs Candlestick

  • Swing Relation Charting

  • Understanding and Analysing Trends

  • Recognising Highs and Lows

  • Trendlines

  • Support and Resistance Levels

  • Reversal and Continuation Formations

  • Risk Management

  • Chart patterns

  • Stock technical analysis

After learning the foundations, you will be able to implement strategies, even if in the future you decide to take another course, you will have the prerequisites to develop more advanced strategies, methods and complex trading systems.

✅Day trading strategies included in this course are;

  • Trend Variation strategy /for the short term Swing Trader and also for buy&hold your position

  • Trend Deviation Strategy /for the Intraday trader

  • Scalping Trading My Way /well, for the scalper

All the strategies above will work from the 15 minutes timeframe up to the weekly.

-At the end of the course we will simulate trading together. This will be very important because at this point you will learn how to combine together all your new skills.

-You will have some homework to do because practice is the key to success.

-Trading is not as difficult as it might look at the first time. You just have to know what you have to know…

✅This comprehensive trading course is absolutely perfect for beginner day traders because we start from the basics.

Sounds good?

So let’s get started today!

PS: Guys I am a trader and not a professional marketer/advertiser.

Because of this, you won’t find super cool Holywood style videos in this course. The main and most important part is the content I believe. I will explain and demonstrate everything in a simple and understandable way during the course. If you have any question about the strategies or anything else, please let me know. I am happy to answer. Cheers.    


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