Introduction to Blockchain: Quick Guide Exploring Blockchain

15. September 2020

In this course we will explore key concepts of Blockchain Technology from the very beginning level. The topics we will cover include,

What is this technology, the fundamental and basic concepts of BC and what makes it so different.

Structure of Blockchain, what it is composed of, building blocks of BC, how and what it is made of and how a BC network is designed

How Blockchain works – the step by step understanding of working of BC, how users interact with BC, how the transaction flow is conducted

What is mining and miners – what is BC mining, what is the role of miners in BC community, how mining rewards are earned by miners

Blockchain Generations & Revolutions – how BC techno has evolved since its beginning, what are the generations of BC, and what changes and advancements are done in BC over its different generations

Types of Blockchain – what are the types of BC, how many types are there, how they are different, where are they used, use cases of BC and its types.


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