Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Fundamentals

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Fundamentals – Welcome to our Course.

Are you looking for an easy to understand, step by step explanation of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies – without wasting hours researching or worse getting totally confused?

Do you want to get a firm grasp on important topics such as Privacy Coins, Stablecoins, ICOs, IEOs and Decentralised Finance?

Do you need to master the complex vocabulary and jargon of the Blockchain world?

Don’t worry we have just the course for you!

In this course John Colley and Michael Heitz are going to help you to discover the most revolutionary technology the world has seen since Babbage conceived of his original calculation machine, the forerunner of the computer

John is bringing over 30 years investment banking experience, the last 20 spent advising the in the Technology Sector and a multiple bestselling Udemy instructor. Michael is a Cryptocurrency expert who has been immersed in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies since 2016.

If you are wondering what the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are all about, we simplify and explain everything you need to know, step by step. Some other courses are much to complicated and aimed at experts, you can be confident that as someone new to this engaging but complex topic, we won’t Bamboozle you!

In this course you will discover

  • What Blockchain Technology is and how it works

  • What is Bitcoin, how it was created and how its mined

  • How the Bitcoin Network remains secure

  • What is Ethereum

  • How Ethereum Tokens are Created

  • What is The Ethereum Virtual Machine

  • What are Ethereum Decentralised Apps (Dapps)

  • What are Ethereum Smart Contracts

  • What are Stable Coins, how they work, their benefits and use cases

  • What are Privacy Coins, how they work, examples and their future

  • What are Crypto Tokens

  • What is an ICO and what is an IEO

  • Understanding different types of Crypto Tokens

  • How to store Cryptocurrencies

  • What is an Address, what are Public Keys, Private Keys and Wallets

  • How to buy Cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Decentralised Exchanges

  • What are Cryptocurrency ATMs and Apps

  • How to buy Cryptocurrencies in Local Stores

  • How to spend Cryptocurrencies, how to use Cryptocurrency ATMs and Debit Cards

  • What is Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

  • How to save in Cryptocurrencies

  • How to get a Cryptocurrency Loan

  • The Future of Cryptocurrencies including Mass Adoption, the Rise of Stable Coins

  • The impact of Decentralised Finance

  • The future disruption of the Investment Banking, Real Estate, Financial Markets and Food industry sectors

  • And much, much more

Let us quickly and easily help you to discover the practical knowledge you need to understand Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Earn your certificate of completion in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

This course is not designed to sell anything; Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tokens. This content does not constitute investment advice. The course is designed for purely educational purposes by instructors passionate about sharing knowledge.

Why is Blockchain important/critical to the world of business, technology and finance in 21st Century?

You need to take this course to find out.

Ask yourself, can you afford not to know about it?

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you in the course.

Checkout our preview videos ; John shares with you a deep dive into what you will learn in this course.

Best regards

John and Michael


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