Cryptocurrencies: Prospects for mainstream adoption.

The Republic of Georgia has been at the vanguard of moving critical data and contracts onto a distributed ledger. This has made the policy making and public registry process more efficient, while driving Georgia to become an innovation hub. In this session at #Cardano2020, IOHK media director Rod Alexander hosts a conversation with former Prime Minister of the Republic of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze about the mainstream adoption of crypto.

Rod also discussed the increasing acceptance of crypto in the United States with Paul Atkins, former commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission. While there is a wide array of laws governing the use and proliferation of virtual currencies, Atkins prefers policy which gets out of the way of the market. However, the true potential of blockchain technology comes from solving real world problems.

‘China is basically a cashless society’

‘It will depend on the acceptance of these currencies in real life, from the corner drug store to the big box store online.’

‘Governments are eyeing a central digital currency which is basically a fiat currency.’

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