Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Dumps – Will Coronavirus COVID-19 HELP or HURT Crypto?

The stock market is crashing, and Cryptocurrencies along with Bitcoin are crashing right along with it. Is Bitcoin “Plan B” going to save us in a true crisis? Subscribe to VoskCoin –

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Waking up to a sea of red across the stock market and cryptocurrency sector is never a good feeling. Currently everyone, everywhere, is being bombarded with bad news about stocks, crypto coins, and how Coronavirus COVID-19 is basically going to wipe out the entire world. Presidents are getting sick, schools and colleges are closing, most jobs if possible are moving to remote work setups and amidst this meltdown it was disappointing to see Bitcoin also tumble down. Bitcoin was created out of a need for a immutable, borderless, peer to peer cash that cannot be secretly inflated like most currencies. How many dollars were printed today? What is the US dollar backed by? Bitcoin will only ever have 21 million coins, and the number will continue to grow more scarce as more and more coins are lost over time. Anyway lets review the current state of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and how Coronavirus COVID-19 may MAKE or BREAK crypto?!

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