How to become a millionaire with cryptocurrencies with just 100 dollars (for beginners) – 2nd part

Very important: as it is a non-Brazilian broker, you will not be able to deposit reais in it, but you have an alternative, which is to buy Bitcoin parts at the broker and transfer to Crex24.
At mercadobitcoin you must register in the same way as other brokers.
To buy Bitcoin at mercadobitcoin you must log in, click on deposit, copy the bank details and make a TED or DOC, never deposit at the cashier, you will lose all the money; only ATM transfers are accepted. When you enter your money at the broker, click on Bitcoin on the left, click on buy, fill in the amount and click on the green “buy” button. After purchasing Bitcoin, you must click on “transfer”, inform your Bitcoin address of
Crex24, fill in the rest (in the security pin part, you must request a new pin, go to your email box, copy and paste on the broker’s page, and click on “Transfer Bitcoins”. You will receive an email asking for confirm the transfer, in which you must re-enter that same security pin. To find out what your Bitcoin wallet is on Crex24, go to “account” above left on the home page, in the search field, above left you must type BTC, if nothing appears you must click on “show all coins”. When it appears, click on deposit. The number set is your Crex24 Bitcoin wallet, the Bitcoin address that you must enter in the marketplace to be able to transfer.
To withdraw coins from Crex24 you must click on “withdraw”, next to “deposit”, inform the currency address at another broker to which you want to transfer.
Pay close attention to make sure that the currency address you are going to enter is the same as the currency address, otherwise your coins will be lost.
To buy coins on Crex24 with your Bitcoin, you must click on the “BTC” tab, under “Tools”, choose the coins (I will inform you a list of the ones I recommend) (if you click on the little star next to the coin, it will turn green and you can see it in “Favorites”, you must fill in the buy field (where there is a green button) the number of coins you want, the price, and click buy (the sum of the total is automatic). same thing.There is a very important website called where you can follow more detailed graphs about the evolution of each currency.
But in Crex24 you can find out several things about each currency by clicking on “currency information” above left, below account and reports.
List of cryptocurrencies in Crex24 that I recommend:
There are also other brokers (which I rarely use) that can also be good: Binance, Braziliex, and, among others.
Be aware, it is very rare to happen at Crex24, but if they inform you that a currency you have purchased will be listed, you will have to transfer it to another broker.At in the marketpairs tab you can see which broker it is listed on. You can also see above the graph, in Total Supply or Max Supply, the total amount of coins that will be available, as we know that the lower the Total supply, the more the currency tends to appreciate.
I would also like to clarify that the currencies that I reported as the “most profitable” are the same as the ones I invest, so that if some of them do not come to appreciate as expected by me and you, I will be having a loss for you as well, then keep in mind that as it is not possible to guess what can
happen (the currency development team may no longer want to develop the currency, and the general public may simply not like the currency), I am not guilty of any possible “failure” or “loss” that the customer may experience . I tried to inform only the most profitable currencies, but knowing that they are not the most stable (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoincash and etc.).
Finally, I ask that you in no way worry about the yield of currencies, as they are deflationary currencies, that is, unlike government currencies (dollar, real), Cryptomoedas do not lose value, but rather, they gain more and more and if you buy an expressive amount of a cryptocurrency (+ 50 thousand units), when selling for a high price, say more than 1 real (according to the coinmarketcap), do not put to sell them all at once, because if the
currency supply leaps very quickly, there will be an impact on the value causing the price of the currency to drop a lot. (knowing that the lower the offer, the more it tends to value, if there is good development and good acceptance and demand from the public).

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