Bitcoin and Canadian taxation of cryptocurrencies | CryptoInMontreal #20

This particular meetup was about crypto tax and fiscal policies in Canada.

If you are already investing in crypto this question cannot be avoided. How will the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Revenu Québec (RQ) tax your crypto investments?

Join us for a discussion of the current tax treatment of transactions involving cryptocurrencies. I will give the floor to Laura Gheorghiu for our main event. Laura is a Tax Partner at Gowling WLG, a legal leader in the Blockchain space.

The topics below will be discussed as well as any questions that you might have. Please note, not all questions currently have answers.

The following is a Q&A session. Consequently, errors, omissions or inaccuracies may have inadvertently been made. The information, answers and comments provided do not constitute legal advice. Due to the speed at which this field is developing, certain information may be out of date. We retain all legal rights to the content and do not allow its redistribution except where expressly authorized.


20th event of #CryptoInMontreal

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