Episode 05 – Conversation with Dr. Sam Vaknin | Cryptocurrencies, AI and Parenting

29. September 2019

On this episode of the I Am All Ears Podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Sam Vaknin, an exceptional intellectual and a genius in the truest definition of the word. He was born in Israel and started University at the age of 9 and completed his PhD in quantum mechanics by the age of 22. He is a graduate in finance and is also certified in Psychological Counselling. He has also served in the Isreali Defence Force. He has played many roles in his career. Some of them are, co-owner and director of multiple businesses, a financial consultant, investment portfolio management, economic adviser to the Ministry of Finance and the Govt of the Republic of Macedonia, a noted columnist and last but not the least an author. He is a leading expert in Narcissistic Personality Disorder and has written several books on the topic the notable one being ‘Malignant Self Love Narcissism Revisited’. Currently, he is a Professor of Finance and Professor of Psychology. Dr. Vaknin has an amazing ability to connect various domains of knowledge like economics, history, social sciences, psychology, physics and offer a unique perspective with an amazing sense of humour!

Here are the timestamps.

01:49 – Is there anything that you find intellectually challenging?
03:31 – What are your thoughts on Cryptocurrencies?
08:58 – Currencies are a store of value whereas cryptocurrencies as a store of expectations.
28:58 – Internet Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Data, Universal Basic Income
37:41 – Survival of the species is dependent on merging man with machine
39:48 – First time in history, the psychological trends are atomising us and threatening the cohesive action of our species
42:57 – Social Media is a manifestation of the trend of atomization
55:09 – Big Data is often conflated with Artificial Intelligence
56:11 – What is true artificial intelligence?
1:06:07 – There is only one kind of intelligence
1:17:00 – International trade is dying
1:20:27 – What is a clever surplus redistribution program?
1:21:53 – What are the biggest mistakes that parents make while raising a child?
1:24:28 – Effects of social media on children
1:36:08 – Does practising martial arts affect one’s psyche?
1:39:37 – Are high-frequency electromagnetic radiation ( for eg. 5G) harmful for humans?

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