Study material for Certified Cryptocurrency Expert (CCE)

About Certification

** This is a supporting training material for the Certified Cryptocurrency Expert CCE by Blockchain Council. This is the training material only. Certification is not the part of this training on Udemy. ** 

Have you heard of Cryptocurrencies & tokens?

Have you ever thought what they are and how they are formed? 

Do you know about Mining of Cryptocurrencies and working of ICOs?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset which is virtual and has no intrinsic value. It is created over a secure decentralised database which stores information immutably over the peer-to-peer network.

In this course, we will teach you everything related to Cryptocurrencies & Digital Assets and will develop an understanding of using and trading Cryptocurrencies.  

We will learn:

What is Cryptocurrency, Anatomy of Cryptocurrency, Features of Cryptocurrencies?

Why would you use a Cryptocurrency, and how it works?

What are some famous Cryptocurrencies, what defines their prices and their pros and cons?

What is Blockchain Mining? What are Miners and What Do They Do? How to mine Cryptocurrencies?

What is an ICO, how ICO works and  why they are they gaining traction?

Introduction to Trading exchanges, Cryptocurrency wallets, and Trading of Cryptocurrencies, etc.

What Cryptocurrencies you should buy and how to trade Cryptocurrencies?

Risks, rewards, and Current trends and analysis, etc.

This course will enable you to understand basic concepts of Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies and it will develop your understanding of working, uses and trading of Cryptocurrencies.


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